Isabel Marant Review: Summer 2018 Collection

Isabel Marant is welcoming menswear for the first time in their Summer 2018 collection. With androgynous fits and broad cuts; from tight leather leggings to oversized grandad-knits, it's safe to say they've got it all. The collection celebrates the bright nightlife of California and is all about experimentation, throwing together hidden treasures together like a teenager in a thrift shop.

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The collection focuses on gender fluidity, creating a dialogue between feminine and masculine silhouettes and aims to blur the lines of gender roles. As the models tore down the runway, we could see elements of borrowing between both collections. Unprecedented, Marant, was unafraid to show the versatility of her collections, swapping some of our favourite pieces to the male models. Marant avoids compromising the masculinity of the collection, creating a unisex look that is transferrable for both genders.

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In some ways, the collection echoes 90's nostalgia, with reworked tracksuits for an effortless movement when dancing, in clubs wearers can keep moving without being weighed down by excess fabric.

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Japanese influence is also evident; slides and flip-flops echo the wave of the oriental embroidery trend. Luxury leather and vinyl finishes helped keep the collection's aerodynamic silhouettes on the ground. The contrasts were both eye-catching and edgy, with metallic parachute jackets exploding from the knots of patent jumpsuits to add a much-needed layer of depth to the summer seasons.

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Marant keeps things unconventional by reworking thick grandad-jumpers over feather-light Enroe jackets, with eclectic sporty details showing through each look. Wearers will be crashing through the clubs in thrifty ensembles guaranteed to draw attention.

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By Clay Grandison and Joshua Ingate


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