ASBO Meets Joivan Wade - Breakout star of 'The First Purge'

When it comes to horror movies and the franchises that everybody knows, one film that comes to mind is the Purge. The Purge series has become one of the most well-known action-thriller/horror movie franchise since it first came to life in 2013. Three movies later the latest movie in the series is 'The First Purge' the movie which is a prequel of the three previously released films and introduces the conception of the Purge which lead on to the other films. Set in Staten Island New York the movie follows Four African American who do what it takes to survive 'The First Purge.' One of the breakthrough characters of the movie is 18 year old Isiash played British actor a Joivan Wade. ASBO was lucky enough to catch a sneak peak of the movie ahead of its release and caught up with Joivan and discuss everything from his start as an actor to staring in 'The First Purge.'


Have you always been a creative person?

Joivan: I’ve always been a creative person, I have always been a performer from when I was younger and wanting to dance in the middle of a party, to being on the big stage now and doing films. It’s something I’ve always been interested in and wanted to do.

Did you always know that you wanted to go into film?

Joivan: I started in theatre but I’ve always wanted to do films. Film has ways been the big thing for me, not to say I wouldn’t want to do TV. But I’ve always seen myself as somebody who would like to do movies. 

What was your expectation of getting into acting versus your experience doing it now?

Joivan: When you think that you are going to in Hollywood you have this picture of what you see in the movie and what Hollywood is, and it’s actually a very normal place. Your surrounded by greatness, and your surrounded by people who are there to achieve one thing which is creating good work. I started out creating my own independent projects which I still do now, and so from doing that and even now working with big sets you get to create work on the highest level and really push your creativity. 

What was your first audition like?

Joivan: My first ever audition was for a commercial for British Red Cross, and I was 16 and I was nervous. I didn’t know what this whole thing was and I went in and I said to myself I want this and I went in and I got the role.

What do you look for in the characters that you play?

Joivan: I tend to look for characters that are as far away from myself if possible. As well as, characters that give me the opportunity to really show my range and creativity and stories that are not being told.

In terms of this movie, 'The First Purge' which is part of a well-known and big series of films, what was your experience being part of the movie?

Joivan: It’s a lot of pressure, looking at all the other films and how you have to deliver, there are three films that you need to do better than and create a better film because every film has to be better than the last. Everyone on the set and behind the scenes all came together to make this project what it was and I hope that as you watch this film, if you have seen the other films, that you can see how this is very different from the others. It’s a great opportunity to create and tell a story of a young black diverse cast. 


Tell us about your character Isiah?

Joivan: Isiah is a young 18-year-old man, trying to film himself through society. His Nya is not an advocate for the purge and she is an activist. He wants to be the man of the house, and wants to protect her because they don’t have their parents. So he feels a responsibility to do so, and he’s fighting his way through manhood and what it means to be a man and ends up in a bit of a sticky situation in doing so.


What was your experience making the movie, with the cast and crew and everything?

Joivan: It was amazing. It was a great opportunity for us to gel, and everybody nailed in and helped everybody to do what we had to do. We all got the license to make this film our own and you can see that when you watch the film and it was an amazing experience, it was fun and  although we had to get the job done I really enjoyed it, it was one community and we were one happy family.

How do you feel you relate to the character of Isaiah?

Joivan: I relate to Isaiah just in the fact that he’s a young black man in which is finding himself. At one stage we were all doing that and he just happens to be from the projects of New York as opposed to a council estate in London. The things that you have to research upon is the political side and the US government and what it’s like being a US citizen in this time and in this era and so outside of that there was a lot of things I could draw from my own experiences and relate myself to that character.


What is one thing you have taken away from the whole experience of making the movie?

Joivan: One thing I have taken away is that you can do whatever you put your mind too. Getting to the point where have been able to create and be apart of a Hollywood film is amazing and is phenomenal for me. It’s been the biggest dream come true and is something I can now tick off my bucket list. So yeah the biggest thing I have learnt is that you are what you eat and you can do anything you do put your mind too.

If you haven't yet check out the trailer for The First Purge Below

The First Purge is out now in Cinemas. 

Words: Seneo Mwamba





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