ASBO Film Review: Black Panther The Movie

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ASBO was lucky enough to gain a front row seat at the 2018 Marvel Black Panther Premier in London from the red carpet where we were able to catch up with stars of the film including Michael B Jordan, Letitia Wright, Daniel Kaluuya, Danai Gurira and Florence Kasumba.

The anticipation of this moves goes back to when the movie was first announced and since then it just just been the biggest waiting game. And now as the time has finally come what  can definitely tell you is that the wait was worth it. Quiet often the hype of a movie leads to unmet expectations but such is not the case.

From the first scene all the way to the final scene (post credits) storyteller and director Ryan Coogler takes viewers on what is the most culturally relevant journey that could come out of a movie in 2018 let alone a marvel movie.

Before heading into the theatre to watch the movie. We had access where we were able to chat to some of the stars of the film including Letita Wright, Danai Gurira, Michael B Jordan and Daniel Kaluuya to name a few. Along with muscial artist Nadia Rose and others that came out to attend the premier. 

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The film did right by sublty tackling subject matters that reign so true to how so many people feel in this present time. The characters are so deeply developed that allow the audience to really connect and feel something within each of them, from the main character of  T'Challa who at his core has a deep love for his people of Wakanda, to Lupita’s Nyong’o’s charcter of Nakia who also holds her love for Wakanda close to her heart but also wants to do more for the world. Even a character like Shuri who is a young technologist and basically runs Wakanda from the touch of her finger gives us all so much inspiration as a young female. My personal favourite has to be the character of Okoye who stands firm in herself as general of Wakanda and even when tested remains loyal to the throne of Wakanda and fights for the love and dedication of her nation.

So many important and significant moments come through, fresh of seeing black women portraying one dimensional characters which tend to follow the narrative of the damsel in distress. The female characters of this movie really brought forward to the screen the depth, intelligence, fearlessness, loyalty, confidence and rawness that black are capable of possessing.

Coogler really did an ace job bringing a film with a predominately black cast to just get it so right. Taking the character of Erik Killmonger who is that character that you really want to hate but ends up at the core of his storyline just wanted to be accepted by the people of his father and discover himself.

Speaking with executive producer Victoria Alosono about this project and getting involved in the movie Alosono stated that “The biggest commitment was to make sure that we had diverse faces, all the black and brown faces that we’ve never had a chance to show to the world. Here was the chance to put a 99% cast that is either African or African American It’s never happened in this of superhero movies so we wanted to take that chance because it’s time and the world is ready for it and there is HUGE audience that wants to see it”

This statement could not be truer and I say that es now are we ready for a movie like this so grab everybody that you know and watch this movie 3 times, 4 times and all over again. This is on the top of our recommendations and we will definitely be awaiting patiently for our next journey to Wakanda when we see the Black Panther on our screens again.

Words: Seneo Mwamba

Images: Seneo Mwamba