Tom’s Cruising back to Reality



For the first time in years, Tom Cruise leaves his action heroics behind, as he stars in American Made. The movie tells the real life story of TWA pilot, Barry Seal, who later worked for the DEA, and eventually became a drug smuggler. 

If you have seen a Tom Cruise movie over the last few years, you might as well of seen them all. All of Cruise’s movies have played to his superstar image, as the slick, cool hero, who can seemingly do anything and everything in-order to save the world.

While we had the joy of watching the ‘spectacular’ Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, and the surprisingly entertaining Edge of Tomorrow, there have been some misfires from Cruise. Oblivion was incredibly forgettable, the Jack Reacher sequel did not come close to the original, and The Mummy was a disaster, both financially and critically.

It’s certainly disappointing to see these repetitive narratives, because Tom Cruise is not only one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood, but he is also one of the finest actors Hollywood has ever seen. He may be known as ‘the superstar’ of the Mission Impossible franchise, but Cruise’s ability to dig deep and show depth as an actor is not uncommon.

In Collateral, Cruise plays a contract killer, and the qualities of his character do not resemble his superstar image. His performance was impeccable, as he played the character with full conviction and was as cold blooded as ever in this epic crime-thriller.

With American Made, Tom Cruise looks set to finally leave behind the ‘spectacle’ cinema, and return to a film driven by its narrative. In short, Tom Cruise ‘the actor’ has returned.

American Made has come at a perfect time— Tom Cruise's image is in dire need of refreshment, and the film is to be released at a time where the world is still obsessed with the legend of Pablo Escobar. The story of the Colombian drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar is being documented on the popular Netflix show Narcos, and with American Made focusing on Barry Seal’s relationship with Pablo Escobar, it is likely the film may have a big audience come August 25th.

There is certainly a lot of excitement surrounding American Made – an incredible true-story, which has Tom Cruise in the lead role, and instead of saving the world’s money like he did in Mission Impossible 5, he is making money from all over the world. While Cruise may be flying in this movie, he is finally flying back to a film based on reality.  

 American Made hits cinemas on August 25th.

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Humza Hussain