Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather: Sport becomes Entertainment


It featured "F**k you" suits, musicians, and money that rained down; Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather has rightly been labelled the “biggest” sporting event ever. Yet, everything the audience has seen up until now, has been everything but a sporting event.  

The principle of any sport is to pit the two best against one another to see who the best is. While McGregor is the best in Mixed Martial Arts, he has never ever had a professional boxing match. Floyd Mayweather, on the other hand, has had forty nine professional boxing bouts and lost a grand total of zero.

MMA champion versus boxing champion. The storyline of this highly anticipated fight is something out of a movie, only it’s not a movie, it's real and it is going to happen. If people didn't previously believe that this was a spectacle more a sporting event, the McGregor/Mayweather world tour proved them wrong.

The tour started out in Los Angeles, and then it moved on to Toronto, New York, before finally concluding in London. It was four days filled with the glitz, glamour, and craziness one would associate with the Oscars. Even McGregor’s suit, with the words, “F**k you” adorning the pinstripes, garnered more attention than any Hollywood actress has ever gotten at the Oscars.

Both fighters spent the better part of four days offering plenty of sound bites for every news channel, and every fan on social media. McGregor poked fun at Mayweather’s illiteracy, whilst Mayweather showered McGregor in money like he was a stripper.

If that was not enough, music superstar, Drake, even introduced both Mayweather and McGregor at the Toronto leg of the tour. So much was said and done, all for a press conference. If it were not for the constant reminder of August 26th, one could have forgotten these two were actually going to fight.

Come August 26th, The “Notorious” one Conor McGregor will box Floyd “Money” Mayweather. But until the bell rings, this is an entertainment event in every sense of the word.

Humza Hussain

Joao Vasconcelos