ASBO's Watching: Ash vs Evil Dead

When evil rises, only one man can swing a chainsaw, shoot a gun and... Drink a beer. Ash Williams is the unlikely hero battling evil in this unique dish of horror and comedy. 

For those of you who are after something unique, different, and mind-blowingly crazy, look no further than Ash vs Evil Dead. The TV show is a continuation of the 1980’s cult classic, The Evil Dead Trilogy, and it is now headed towards its third season.

Ash vs Evil Dead has a very comedic tone throughout its first two seasons, often coming through when characters poke fun at their older, out of shape and slightly foolish hero, Ash Williams.

In a world dominated by CGI, Ash vs Evil Dead has taken an old school approach by using a lot of “practical effects” and prosthetics to create its villains and bloody moments – a winning concoction complimented by the American comedy-horror’s developing storyline.

A lot of TV shows can die down after the first season. Ash vs Evil Dead, however, only gets better and crazier in its second. The story gets deeper and the stakes become higher. The second season also ups the ante when it comes to the brutality of its kills.

So if you have not seen Ash vs Evil Dead, we recommend that you buy it on DVD on Amazon or watch it on Virgin Media TV before the third season comes your way.

Humza Hussain