Shah Rukh Khan: Cultural Hero


Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie, Jab Harry Met Sejal (JHMS) recently released a song titled Radha (Lover), which shows Shah Rukh and his leading lady travelling Europe, as their love story begins to grow. Shah Rukh’s movies have often been filmed in Europe, allowing him to connect strongly to the strong Indian, Pakistani population in countries like the UK. His movies not only entertain the Asian population here in the UK, but they also allow the young Asians to aspire to find romance like Shah Rukh does in his movies.

The Asian population in the UK, flock to the cinemas to watch Shah Rukh Khan find his true love, and find happiness. However, while they happily watch it, they do not, or cannot take on board the simple messages of love his films put forth. They are not just movies filled with glitz, glamour, and unrealistic expectations. Shah Rukh’s movies show the young generation of Asians how to be happy by finding the “one” for themselves.

Too often, young Indian, Pakistani, and even Nepalese people can find themselves pushed into marriages, even though they do not wish to get married. Be it pressure from parents, or the culture that exists in the society. Youngsters, like I, can sometimes feel trapped and we cannot understand why.

Our parents do not wish us ill will, or an unhappy life, but the idea of their child finding a loved one on their own and from the “outside”, is still foreign to so many elder Asian parents. I find myself in this battle today. I do not wish to operate in this machine we call “our culture”, not out of disrespect, but I want to find the woman that will make me happy, on my own. I want to be happy like Shah Rukh showed, and continues to show us.

I do not expect to find a person easily and dance in a flowery field or open my arms, expecting them to run to me like we see in the movies. But Shah Rukh’s movies, like his latest JHMS, encourage you to find the “one” who can make you laugh at the silliest of things, and makes you want to be around them at all times. That’s all I, and so many young Asians aspire to; to happiness. Shah Rukh Khan not only entertains us, but shows us all, male or female, how we can be happy.

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Humza Hussain