ROH Exclusives Part Two: Briscoe Brothers

In the second part of my Ring of Honor exclusives, I sit down with two ROH originals, Jay and Mark Briscoe. In this interview, Jay and Mark discuss their love for ECW, favourite moments, and, wait for it... fashion. 

As the build-up to ROH Final Battle, which takes place on December 15th, continues. Here is an interview with the two men that will take on Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer at the big show, The Briscoe Brothers.


Humza: Briscoes, how are you guys doing?

Jay: Good. Good, man.

Mark: Wonderful. Wonderful, brother.

Humza: Enjoying the UK weather?

Jay: Yeah, it’s been raining a little bit today, but there was a little sunshine yesterday. And it’s been poking through a little bit today.

Mark: I’ll tell you back home it’s just muggy right now. It’s like soup, you walk outside and it’s like you’re in a bowl of soup. It’s a little bit more pleasant over here if I’m being honest with you.

Humza: You are here for Ring of Honor’s UK tour. So I want to ask you about the UK wrestling scene. It’s really grown over the last few years and become very big, very successful. Why do you think the UK wrestling scene has become so successful?

Jay: That’s a good question, man.

Mark: Such a smart style.

Jay: Yeah, yeah. The fans are smart, man. I mean they are up on what’s going on, and the wrestlers, they all watch everything. They all know what’s going on; I mean they know what they are doing. It’s almost been like a time bomb just waiting to go off, and now the UK is like boom! It’s good, man; it’s good for the whole business.

Mark: Yeah, it’s like a renaissance almost – just the way that they’ve combined strong style wrestling, technical wrestling, the old world of sport which is of course from the UK. It’s just been a beautiful thing to watch, just like Jay said, it’s just good for the sport as a whole.

Humza: Guys, what drew you to professional wrestling? Was there a moment when you were younger, and you thought “Man, this is what I have to do”?

Jay: Yep. I remember the exact moment. We were in seventh and eighth grade in middle school, and we were playing basketball. We had like an AAU type team, and we were doing tournaments. We lived in Delaware and we went up to Philadelphia for a tournament, and I remember we had games Friday and Saturday. And Friday night, we all stayed in the hotel, and it was late, you know one, two in the morning.

You know, a bunch of eighth-grade boys just hanging out in the room, just goofing off and everything. We turned on the TV, and there was ECW. And we saw that for the first time that night, and ever since then it was like, “yeah, that’s what we’re doing when we grow up”.

Mark: Yeah, same thing. When we were kids, I mean young, when we were three, four, five, six, seven, eight years old, we loved WWF. Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, you know, WCW Saturday Night. Then it was – a couple years, we kinda got away from it, just a little bit. Not watching it quite as regularly. And then it was like, just like Jay was saying, seventh, eighth grade that’s when we first laid eyes on the ECW product. We were like “oh, man” (laughs).

Humza: Was there anyone in particular that stood out for you in ECW?

Jay: Umm...

Mark: For me it was Sabu. I was just mesmerized when I saw his whole gimmick, and just scared up, and somebody going through a table every single match. That was my guy that I just – it just blew my mind. Sabu for me, no question.

Jay: I would say the Dudley Boyz, definitely. New Jack was a big one, umm, Sandman. I mean all of them, man. It was just so different.

Humza: This is a bit of a tough question for some people to answer because they have so many moments to choose from. But what has been the best moment in your career so far?

Jay: Ah, man, that’s tough. Um, we wrestled the Hardy Boyz (looks to Mark), what was that three years ago?

Mark: Maybe 2014, I think, yeah.

Jay: Yeah, 2014, I think. Us and Matt already had a feud going on here in Ring of Honor, and we just happened to work it out between everybody that we were able to do an OMEGA show. And it was the Hardy Boyz first tag match in a while, like that. Me and Mark versus them, and just the feeling in the building that night, I remember Shane Helms saying that before the match when we were just in there circling, just staring each other down, he said he felt the ground rumbling. It was special that night, man. Everything just clicked that night.

Mark: That was definitely like a moment in time. Another time that I thought was one of my favourite memories, was when Jay won his first Ring of Honor title. By the end of the match, I was ringside, and I thought that was an awesome moment. My Dad jumps over the guardrail after the match, and the whole family is in the ring. That was awesome.

Humza: Guys, I want to finish off with a few questions that touch on some of ASBO’s other interests. So when you’re on the road or at the gym, what kind of music do you listen to?

Jay: Mmm, man. That’s a good one. I like, like real old school country like Willie Nelson. But it also depends on what I’m doing, sometimes I gotta crank it up and put on a little Method Man or Biggie Smalls, Tupac, whatever. I like hardcore rap and old-school country, that’s pretty much my thing.

Mark: On the road, if I’m just listening to music trying to chill, I just try to keep it nice and light and relaxing, like Bob Marley, Little Feat, some old southern rock bands. If I’m at the gym, it’s all about Audioslave, baby (laughs).

Humza: (laughs) Fair enough. Now, this is a big question, guys. What’s your favourite movie?

Jay: (Looks to Mark) You better go first.

Mark: Cool Runnings.

Jay: Man, favourite movie, you gone put me on the spot here, brother. I’m trying to think, oh, man. Uhhh, I like the movie Life with Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy. That was always one of my favourites.

Humza: One last question, guys. Fashion is a big part of ASBO, so I want to know, how much do you focus on what you wear, and how you look when you go to the ring?

Jay: Well as you can see here, I think I’m ready for the cover of GQ magazine.

Humza: (laughs).

Jay: So, yes, fashion is very important (laughs).

Mark: Yes, fashion is highly important in my life. Probably the most important thing in my life, when I wake up in the morning it takes at least three, four hours to get myself situated and to get myself dressed for the day...

Humza: (laughs), thank you so much, guys. I really appreciate it.

Jay & Mark: Thanks, man.


Written by Humza Hussain – Entertainment & Sports Editor.


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