ROH Exclusives Part Three: The Young Bucks

In the third and final part of ASBO’s Ring of Honor Exclusives, I sit down with the former ROH tag team champions and Bullet Club members, The Young Bucks.

Just days away from Ring of Honor’s Final Battle pay-per-view, I bring you ASBO’s final ROH exclusive with Matt and Nick Jackson, otherwise known as The Young Bucks. They discuss the rise of independent wrestling, putting Jeff Hardy through tables, and Nick also struggles to pick a favourite movie...

Humza: Hey, guys. Humza Hussain from ASBO Magazine, how are you guys doing?
Matt: Good, man. Trying to shake off the jetlag, but I’m alright otherwise.
Humza: Enjoying the weather?
Nick: We’re jaded, we’re from California. It’s seventy degrees yearlong, so if it’s something different from that, we’re like “what’s going on?”
Humza: So, you are here for Ring of Honor’s UK tour. I must ask about the UK wrestling scene because it has really grown over the last few years. Why do you guys think it has become so successful?
Matt:  It’ just better crop of talent, right?
Nick: You know what I think it is? The adults from eighteen years old to twenty-eight, they want an alternative now. And finally, people are speaking out and making it possible – that, man, “what I see on TV is not what I want as an adult. I want something cool, something underground”, and that’s the Indy scene for you.
Matt: I think that the talent has a lot to do with it. I think these new guys popped up out of nowhere, and they’re not even new anymore because Will Ospreay isn’t new. But when Will and Marty popped up, and Zack Sabre, and all these guys. It was like “God, these guys are really freaking good”. And they were good for years because I remember coming down here in 2008 and thinking “oh, these guys are great”, but there weren’t the big crowds yet and stuff. Something happened, I don’t know what it was
exactly, but, man...
Nick: It's everywhere. It’s not just the UK, everywhere we travel, crowds are packed. If there’s not more than a thousand people now at an Indy show, we’re surprised. And that’s everywhere we go.

Humza: I also wanted to ask you, what drew you guys to professional wrestling?
Matt: For me, it was Hulk Hogan, I was a Hulkamaniac. I don’t know what it was; he looked like a cartoon character that came off of a TV show, and I was like “oh, he’s so muscular and colourful, he’s so cool”. I was a big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles guy too, I’m like an eighties, nineties kid. So I don’t know, it was the colourfulness and the over the topness – I was drawn to Hulk right away, and Macho, and Ultimate Warrior, The Rockers. I’m a WWF kid, you know what I mean? I don’t know what it was; it just looked like so much fun. I was always like, “I wanna get in a ring like that. I wanna jump off the top rope like Macho Man Randy Savage”. It was that for me, the early WWF era.
Nick: Then after that, it was more of the athletic wrestlers like HBK and Rob Van Dam, the
ECW era...
Matt: The WCW cruiserweights.
Nick: Oh, and the Hardy Boyz in the TLC era where it really made us go like “oh, maybe we
can do this”.

Matt: Yeah, it wasn’t just, “I like watching this. Maybe I can do it too”.
Humza: You touched on the Hardy Boyz there. You guys had a classic ladder match with them, and considering they were a huge influence on you, what was that moment like for you?
Matt: Oh, man, surreal. That was always a dream match of ours, to wrestle them in a ladder
match. I remember putting people through tables even in our early Indy careers, basically
just pretending like we were the Hardy’s. That was a match we always wanted to do
obviously, and we had a big influence on why it happened.
Nick: Yeah.
Matt: They asked us what we wanted to do, and we said we wanted to have a ladder match
with the Hardy’s (laughs). So obviously it was really cool for us. The whole programme is
really something we’re proud of.
Nick: You know, Matt and I said: “what do we do after this?” Like that was our goal as a tag
team. What do we do know? (Laughs) We felt like we peaked at that moment.

Humza: Yeah, I heard Jeff on Chris Jericho’s podcast, and he said you guys just put him
through tables the whole match (laughs).
Nick: (Laughs) Oh, yeah, yeah.
Matt: I think we did like nine tables that night. We tried to take it easier on them. I think we went through more because we knew they had the big show the next night.
Nick: But we still did about nine tables.
Matt: Yeah, they still worked their butts off, man. Like we knew, “you guys can’t get hurt tonight”.
Nick: Oh, yeah, we knew because they were on the phone with Vince McMahon and Triple
H before getting to the building, saying: “please take care of yourselves” (laughs).
Humza: (Laughs). Guys, I just want to finish off with a few questions that touch on some of
ASBO’s other interests. Music is a big part of ASBO, so when you’re on the road or at the
gym, what type of music do you listen to?
Matt: It’s funny; I’m more of a podcast guy.

Nick: Yeah, but you’re a country guy too.
Matt: I do love country music, but that’s not really something I workout to. That’s more of
something I listen to when I relax. I was just telling Cody this. It’s like, man, when I was a kid, I hated country music. I had no appreciation for it. Even like classic rock, 'cause it’s all my dad listened to. So it’s like, God, I couldn’t stand it when I was a kid, but now it’s like I am an adult – I don’t know if it’s fond memories now. But I hear like classic rock, and I’m like “oh, I miss my
dad”. Country music reminds me of summertime and swimming pools, and stuff like
that. It’s funny because when I was a kid, I was all about whatever was popular at the time.
But now I’m more of an oldies rock, country, modern country guy, and a podcast guy.
Nick: I’m a rock guy.
Humza: Do you like Chris Jericho’s Fozzy?
Nick: Yeah, it’s not bad. I’ve heard a lot of his stuff.
Matt: Jericho’s good.
Nick: He knows how to get a catchy song.
Humza: This is a big question, guys - very big question actually. What’s your favourite
Matt: Man. Like of all time?
Nick: Jeez. That’s hard.

Matt: I guess the first thing that sticks in my mind - I’m a parent now, I have two kids, so the movie with Steve Martin, Parenthood. I love that movie. I watched it recently on a plane, and I just decided “this is the greatest movie of all time”.
Nick: Man, that is hard. God, that is hard.
Humza: Do you have a few? If you can’t narrow it down to one. That come to your head.
Nick: Come to the head. Uhhh, The Great Gatsby was great.
Matt: That’s a good one.
Nick: As a child, Space Jam with Michael Jordan. I was a huge Michael Jordan fan, still am. Um...
Matt: I’m a big horror movie guy. So the classics, Texas Chainsaw Massacre – that whole era
of seventies horror, I love.
Nick: I loved that, I’m trying to think of what the name was. It’s a zombie movie with Will
Smith that was just incredible. What was that?
Humza: Oh, I am Legend.
Nick: I am Legend, unbelievable movie.
Matt: I saw recently – this movie changed me.  I don’t know if it ruined my night, but I couldn’t sleep afterward because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It affected me emotionally. Like we said, we’re jaded guys. I saw this movie, Get Out. 

Humza: Just one final question, guys. Fashion is a big part of ASBO, so I just wanna know how much do you focus on what you wear and how you look?
Matt: (laughs) Very little.
Nick: Well, our gear though...
Matt: Yeah, yeah.
Nick: It takes a lot. We get new gear ordered every month, and it’s usually, what two to three tights? Two or three pairs a month, and Matt’s actually the designer.

Matt: As far as what we wear on a regular basis, I’m a dad. Put me in some camouflage, freakin’ cargo shorts, and a wrestling t-shirt. It’s funny though, I should know more about stuff like this because I design all of our tights; I do all of our t-shirts and stuff. And I do a lot of the merch on our website; we have these joggers coming out. So, I’m hip to what’s cool, but personally, what I wear, I just wanna be comfortable at this point.
Humza: I can imagine those trips to Japan are quite long.
Matt: Yes, absolutely. You just wanna be comfortable.
Nick: Yeah, you don’t wanna be in jeans for like thirteen-hours (laughs).
Humza: Thank you very much, guys. Really appreciate it.
Nick: No problem.
Matt: Take care, man.

Written by Humza Hussain – Entertainment & Sports Editor.

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