Justice League: DC Fans Wait in Hope


Earlier this month, the final trailer for the Justice League movie was released. The trailer is a thrilling few minutes of spectacular action sequences, featuring our favourite heroes. Even Superman joins the team when he appears in Louise Lane’s dream. However, despite the positive trailer, the excitement and anticipation feel like an all too familiar situation for DC fans.

With the release of Justice League upon us, two thoughts come to mind. Firstly, is the excitement of seeing our childhood heroes come to life on the big screen. However, the second thought that comes to mind is the rushed and sloppy manner that DC has united their legendary heroes.

The second thought comes to mind because only a few weeks before Justice League hits cinemas, Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok will release in the UK. Marvel’s large and must-see universe is a blueprint many have tried to imitate, but no one has been able to duplicate.

Instead of slowly building to epic collisions of Superman taking on General Zod, Batman v Superman, or the Justice League uniting – DC have rushed to catch up to Marvel. This strategy has not just been unsuccessful; it has at times, failed miserably. Look no further than last year’s Batman v Superman.



The movie did have some positives, Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman was perhaps the most fearsome and badass Batman you will ever see. And the film looked absolutely incredible, from the costumes to the fight scenes, everything felt rather epic.

Unfortunately, the hard work put into the film’s visuals falls short when it comes to the film’s script. From the unexplained reason as to why Batman, the superhero who refused to kill, suddenly begins killing his enemies in ruthless fashion. Or perhaps it’s the incredibly cheesy and terribly written “Martha” scene. 

The reason Batman stops his attack on Superman is due to Superman’s mother having the same name as his deceased mother, Martha... and no, that is not a joke. DC’s obsession with catching up to the Marvel cinematic universe is pretty clear, however, it’s also clear that their need to catch up has only damaged their films, as opposed to making them better.

2017 has been a far better year for DC, thanks to Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. The film seemed to learn from past DC films; instead of cramming five films worth of material into one, it simply tells the story of how Princess Diana becomes Wonder Woman.

Now, we sit back and wait for Justice League. The proof is now out there— that DC can produce a great film, but will that continue? Superman is shown to be the symbol of hope for the Justice League, and coincidentally, the trailer he appears in has given the DC fans just that... hope.


By Humza Hussain – Entertainment & Sports Editor.



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