Q&A: Paul Daley


Paul Daley is one of the first major UK stars in mixed martial arts. He has made a name for himself by knocking out some of the biggest names in MMA. In this interview with ASBO, Daley discussed his early days, and in typical Daley fashion, discusses his legendary battle with Nick Diaz.


ASBO: You made your MMA debut in 2003, a time when the sport was nowhere near as big as it is today. How difficult was it to make a living fighting at the early stages of your career?


Paul Daley: I actually began my career in 2001, fighting as an amateur at events in the U.K., like KSBO and Ultimate Challenge. I've always had a love for business, was fixed on the whole hip-hop entrepreneurship early era. Making a living wasn't easy, but I never really struggled. 


ASBO: Today, MMA is a mainstream sport watched by millions around the world. Did you think the sport would become as big as it is today? 


Paul Daley: Not in the western world. In Japan, when I was starting out, it was really strong and mainstream over there, opportunities to make life-changing money. It's great for recognition now the west has caught up. 


ASBO: You were one of the first British fighters to become a big star in the U.S. As you were becoming a big name in the UFC and Strikeforce, did you feel like you were helping create more opportunities for future British fighters?


Paul Daley: I would like to think so. Although, I don't get as much credit as I feel I deserve. 


ASBO: Spirit Dojo Legacy is your training facility in Nottingham, but it is also open for people to come and learn mixed martial arts skills. How important is it for you to help the next generation of British fighters?


Paul DaIey: I am a martial artist, before a fighter. So for me, the importance is on sharing the benefits of martial arts with people and letting them know it can improve their lives, not to sound too cliche, but mind and body. 


ASBO: UFC is the number one MMA promotion, but Bellator is making great strides and has experienced a great deal of success in the last year. What do you think is the key to Bellator's current success?


Paul Daley: Being different, and having the cooperate backing to make a real deal impact. 


ASBO: Lastly, in 2011, you fought Nick Diaz in Strikeforce. Many fans consider it to be one of the greatest fights in the history of the sport. Despite being on the losing end - are you proud of being a part of such a historic fight?  


Paul Daley: I prefer winning. 


“I prefer winning”. This type of mentality is the reason Paul Daley is still one of the most dangerous one-hundred and seventy pounders in the world, and once again, in title contention for Bellator’s Welterweight championship.


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By Entertainment & Sports Editor – Humza Hussain.




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