ASBO Live: Outside Division A/W 2023-24

Not just clothes.

During his adolescence, David Méndez Alonso dedicated himself to tagging Outsiders Division wherever he went, specifically in Galicia, in the north of Spain. Years passed while he accumulated piles of canvases and notebooks obsessed with art and the idea of ​​being able to live from it. Underground graffiti and comics laid the foundations for a peculiar aesthetic and sensibility full of references of subcultures, folklore, punk and rebellion without any fear of not fitting in the mainstream art system.

After the passage of time, Outsiders Division was born in an art gallery on September 12th 2012 in Barcelona. In its beginnings, the brand only designed caps and accessories until 2016 when participates in its first fashion week in Madrid, consecutively winning two editions of the best Nobel collection. During those years, we have designed collections and collaborations adding a long list of garments to the brand Imaginary.

Our main pillars are color, fantasy and joy.

We design clothes for that grandfather who is a child or for that child who is a grandfather, or rather, for all adults who have not grown up yet.