One To Watch: Sino Park

New Collection: Born To Be Dead

Designer: @potatosino_ Images:  @eugenetangible Models @nothingrhymeswith.Lynn @fagette4life_ @sir_csr @kanedayouarestillalive H&M @kimmhee_ @negasinoda Assistant: @jiamingyou_studio @_wgmgw

Sino Park is a Seoul and New York-based visual / fashion artist with a focus on fashion design and soft sculpture. Her work is driven by a deep exploration of human value and existence, with a particular emphasis on the theme of meat as it relates to the bodies of livestock.
Morphology, the study of the form and structure of organisms, is central to Sino’s creative process. Through a unique approach that blends the forms of living organisms with everyday elements, she seeks to create a sense of the unfamiliar within the familiar.
Sino’s practice involves the creation of sets and a wide range of wearable and non-wearable art pieces, including garments, accessories, shoes, and soft sculptures, all of which draw inspiration from food and meat. Her work is designed to provoke new ways of thinking about the world and to inspire audiences to reflect on the true meaning of their existence with a commitment to pushing boundaries and refreshing people’s perspectives on the world around them.